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Компания «Uniquare Software Development GmbH (Austria)» в Харькове


Software for sales and process management in the financial services industryUNiQUARE is a leading vendor of process-oriented front-end solutions for banks and financial service providers. The process-oriented UNiQUARE Business ManagementSoftware Portfolio comprises CRM, LOAN, BRANCHand the philosphy PROCESS+ and allows the financial industry the following:migration from administration oriented processes to sales;creation of transparency necessary for control and optimization;individual customer service with maximum automation of the business processes. Beside our 3 main products we provide our customers with UNiQUARE SELECTION. This is a range of products which quickly deal with specific problems. Their quick and cost-efficient implementation perfectly complementsUNiQUARE Business Management.

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Вакансии «Uniquare Software Development GmbH (Austria)» в Харькове:

104 543 руб.
03 февраля
Опыт работы: от 2 лет. We looking for applicants with: - special interest in finance and lending - sound experience in the area of complex software solutions/methodological development - minimum 3 ...